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Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Teach behaviors based on what your dog needs. We are an in home training company, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Preset Packages

Puppy & Beginner

Master the basics

Key Concepts:

  • Introduction to basic cues such as "Come," "Wait," and "Sit"

  • Basic manners 

  • Problem prevention

  • Socialization with people and other dogs

  • Loose leash walking

  • "Take it" / "Leave it" / "Drop it"


Learn more advanced behaviors

Key Concepts:

  • Review basic cues such as "Come," "Wait," "Sit." Gain reliability with added distance, distractions, and duration

  • Additional cues including:

    • "Heel" 

    • "Go to Bed"

    •  "Stay"

  • Preventative Training

    • Leash pulling

    • Rushing guests and jumping

    • Begging at the table


Reliability in a variety of situations  

Key Concepts:

  • Manners in public

  • "Heel" with distractions 

  • Fast responses to cues while maintaining reliability

  • Transition out training aids/treats 

New Clients

Welcome Page

View this page to learn more.

Separation Anxiety 

Does your dog go nuts when you are at work? Does he follow you around while you are getting ready? 

New Clients

Fill out this form so we can get to know you and your animals more.

Bite History

Has your dog attempted or fought with another being? 

Reactive Dogs 

Does your dog react to strangers, noises, or other dogs? 

Resource Guarding

Does your dog growl over items like food, water, toys, bones, etc?

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