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What Makes Us Different?

How are we different from doggie daycares? For one, we won’t be leaving your dog in a kennel all day. Dogs need exercise, and they require it even if your away. We believe every animal is trainable, and the hard part is figuring out what works for that specific animal. We do not let your animal get away with bad manners, instead we work on what good manners look like. Every animal has its own personality, and we enjoy learning them. To us this job is not just a job but something that we put our whole hearts into. We have never met a dog that hasn't like us. Administering medicine comes naturally to us; we don’t need peanut butter to get a dog to take its medicine. Sarah does have an airborne peanut allergy, so she is not able to provide or be around anything that contains peanuts. 

Check our availability by filling out the necessary form. We can take care of other pets such as reptiles, amphibians, and birds, but depending on care need there may be an additional fee. Sarah prefers not to stay overnight, so she provides the care the animal needs (normally spending several hours with them). 

What you can expect from us as a care provider

Fun activities we will do together are whichever the dog enjoys most at that time. For instance, playing with toys, playing fetch, and brain games. Sarah enjoys taking dogs to the park, but only if she feels it will be safe for all. 

If you found me on Rover, you must book through Rover. Please fill out associated forms to keep your animal(s) and our providers safe.

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