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Big Bones Canine Rescue 

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We proudly support BBCR.

Alumni get 5% off training and grooming services, when brought up at check out.

NoCo Animal Care's Mission

We are fundraising to raise money to groom the in need unhygienic dogs.

We groom and foster for Big Bones Canine Rescue. If you would like to donate to support our efforts for grooming BBCR rescue dogs, please donate to my Venmo at "NoCo Animal Care", or directly from our Amazon wishlist. These funds will go directly for our business to use on these wonderful rescue dogs.

These dogs typically need a lot of TLC from our fear-free groomer and assistants. This money will go towards supplies and assistance. I cannot do this alone, and I can't ask anyone else to take this on. Many of these dogs have matted fur, sores, and are extremely unhygenic. They truly deserve a "Spa Day", and it is incredible to see their demeanor change once they've been groomed! 

Why I'm raising money:

Here at Noco Animal Care, we truly love animals. We are dedicated to helping assist BBCR with grooming these rescues and help prepare them for their furever homes. The more money we raise, the more dogs we can groom as the fee to BBCR doesn't cover the cost per dog needed to cover expenses. 

How donations will be used:

You can find a list of items we constantly use on Amazon 

Not everything we need can be bought on Amazon; a lot of items are purchased directly through Groomer's Choice. There is also expenses such as water, electric, trash, and, of course, groomer time.

Sadly, these dogs are usually not accepted by other groomers in the area, due to their condition. This isn't very fair to dogs who have already been through so much. Our goal is to have them be groomed and raise their self esteem so they are ready to find their new furever homes. Most of the dogs we groom get their confidence back once they are groomed and looking more like the beautiful dogs they are.

Thank you so much for helping these dogs find a furever home and arrive to it ready for a fresh start at life. We are not in this for the money, but being such a small business, we definitely need financial assistance. This is a fundraiser to aid the business in grooming rescue dogs and is not a donation directly to the rescue.


Anything you can do truly helps, even if it's just a share!

Pictures of dogs we groom can be found on our Facebook page at @nocoanimalcare

We also offer 5% off grooming or training for any BBCR Alumni!

10% off aggressive breed list for training to help stop the stigma

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